Mission at the heart of SLO community welcomes visitors

The Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa is one of 21 missions in California (The Califonia Missions Foundation). It is home to a variety of facilities, including a church, youth center, museum, and large garden. Tourists flock to this location, whether their goal is to explore the city of SLO or view all of our state’s missions. It is also a popular place for weddings.

Visitors are attracted to California missions because they encapsulate much of the state’s history. The SLO mission is in the heart of picturesque downtown in Mission Plaza, which already attracts tourists because of the warm weather, aesthetically pleasing neighborhoods and landscapes. The mission provides a unique way to inform visitors about SLO’s history.

It has been standing since September of 1772 (Mission SLO website). After years of change and modernization, the mission is still relevant. The museum inside allows us to interact with history. It houses several preserved rooms that provide a glimpse into what the building looked like a hundred years ago. You can get a feel for what it was like it was still in use when walking through.

There are weekly church services held inside the mission for locals or visitors as well as funeral and wedding services provided still today. The outdoor gardens and chapel are inviting for those looking for a wedding location.

The mission’s statement on their website reads, “Mission San Luis Obispo has greeted travelers, pilgrims and guests with open doors and a place to rest. At the crossroads of the Central California coast, the Mission lends heart and spirit to its vibrant surrounding community.”

This quote really draws readers in. The mission has been welcoming visitors since its opening, adding to its appeal for people to come visit it now.

At the center of the mission’s goal is to welcome visitors, which is inviting for the many tourists that frequent the building.

The mission is also listed on travel sites, such as TripAdvisor.com and SanLuisObispoVacations.com as a place to go when in SLO, which only attracts more tourists. Seeing it as a recommended place online gives it some more credibility as a good place to visit.

When you search San Luis Obispo, the blurb on the page lists the mission in the second sentence: “On Mission Plaza, the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa is a 1700s Spanish mission with a museum.” This shows how the mission is an integral part of the community, and a reason many people would come visit.

It is also surrounded by restaurants which bring even more people to the area. You can even see the mission from some of these restaurants outdoor seating areas.

“At the crossroads of the Central California coast, the Mission lends heart and spirit to its vibrant surrounding community.” This line from the mission’s website is another example of the mission’s importance to the SLO community.

A preview of an interactive infographic, featuring some of the history and features of Mission SLO.

To view the rest of the above infographic, click here.

The missions main activities include the church and museum, shown in the infographic. Craig Russell, Cal Poly professor, is very involved with the California missions. He helps to preserve music, and spoke about a time where the missions were being raided. Russell said, “People were taking icons and music manuscripts and old books,” and that he wanted to make an effort to preserve and protect these artifacts. Visiting the mission, you can see these artifacts firsthand.

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